Aging skin, fine lines and dryness can be catalyzed because of environmental oxidation and environmental causes such as pollution, exposure to sun, etc. PHOTOAGING OF SKIN happens when UV irradiation of skin stimulates the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are commonly called, "free radicals". This occurs when energy from sunlight (UV irradiation) converts oxygen to its free radical form. UV-induced production of ROS can lead to structural and functional alteration of the skins structural proteins, including collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, which can contribute to the overall photo aging of skin and speed up the aging process. SilkPeel SPA and PHOTOAGING * Aging occurs every day and skin endures harsh environmental conditions. SilkPeel SPA featuring our new Vitamin C solution with Antioxidants can improve these conditions quickly and get skin healthier "for life" as * The appropriate topical solution: Vitamin C with Antioxidants: - Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in combination with other antioxidant agents have a synergetic effect in combating free radicals (sun, pollution, tobacco), aging, oxidative stress and age-related diseases. When infused using SilkPeel Spa˘, the powerful antioxidants work by neutralizing these free radicals in the body to prevent tissue and cellular damage. - Antioxidants help to tone, clarify and boost skin's collagen network. They optimize the skin's natural defenses, and anti-inflammatory agents decrease free radical formation for better hydration levels. * Number of Sessions: usually 6 procedures; weekly. Monthly maintenance sessions afterwards. * Results - conditions usually improve after only a few weekly sessions, and further sessions keep improving skin texture and underlying conditions. Actively fight the environmental damage while enjoying a cool; calming and soothing massaging touch of the SilkPeel SPA!